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Herfa WebDesign is a Wholesale Website Designer, SEO, SEM company that brings low cost Internet Advertising, Design Services to your Online Business.

We help companies gain a better understanding of the affordable online tools that they can use to improve their company's market exposure and increase revenue while cutting costs. Real SEO and Internet Marketing Unlocks the Power of Online Organic Search Engine Results for your Small Business!

SEO is the science which deals with the requirements imposed by search engines like Google and Bing which dictate how a website is read by crawlers (or spiders), what these crawlers are looking for and how the design and coding of the website satisfies these requirements. In applying SEO properly, you're affectively conveying to these crawlers the exact information that they're looking for in the format that they're looking for (for which, your site is richly rewarded with free organic placement).

What are these crawlers trying to determine? Among other things, they're trying to see:

  1. 1. What is this website about?
  2. 2. How relevant is the content to its targeted users?
  3. 3. Is the website designed to be user friendly?
  4. 4. Is there any hidden or malicious content on the site?

However, search engines don't just seek these answers in simply language, they do it in in-depth analysis, in code, in structural analysis, keyword relevance and by many other means.
Sound complicated? Well, it is intentionally difficult to decipher. But, if your web presence is vital to the production of your company, SEO can be the difference between irrelevance and market domination.


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